Publish Your Book of Poetry, Short Fiction & Novels!


Authorspress and its imprints are leading publishers of India for Poetry, Short Fiction and Novels  with a renowned list of writers to its credit. We do accept unsolicited submissions for book length publication of poetry, short fiction and novels as we are committed to introduce new and vibrant authors and poets from all over the world but at the same time we publish only qualitative works.

Besides all the leading libraries,  online book stores(,,,,,,, Landmark,,,, etc) and distributing channels of India your book will be listed with Ingram, the world’s largest and most trusted wholesale distributor of publisher content. We have a collaboration with book stores and library service companies around the world. We will make your book available on Amazon of India, Canada, USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP, Espresso Book Machine,, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Coutts, Gardners, Mallory International, Paperback Shop, Eden Interactive Ltd, Aphrohead, etc. Book sellers and buyers will be able to find your book at all of the above online stores.

If you wish to submit your work, please send a sample of 05 poems, a chapter of short fiction and novels from a book-length collection to our team of coveted  editors at

We will let you know the terms and conditions after our editors recommend your works for publication.